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Computer Solutions opened its doors in 1977 as University Service Company, a typewriter service and repair company contracted by Princeton University.  This pivotal relationship provided the building blocks for entering the largely competitive and increasingly evolving personal computers industry.  Since then, we have developed into one of Princeton’s premier Managed Service Providers supporting customers throughout the Northeast.

Our experience at Princeton University helped us to establish and cultivate new business relationships.  In 1986, we began developing partnerships with commercial clients not only for servicing typewriters, but PCs and printers as well.  During this period, we gained invaluable knowledge as to how various departments relate to each other within companies, thus forming the basis for understanding how to design Intranet applications today.

By 1992, we began doing business under the name Computer Solutions.  We expanded into a larger facility and hired a team of accomplished computer technicians to support the rapid growth of our commercial client base.  The collaborative efforts of our bolstered technical staff and world-class computer distribution channel partners empowered us to support Microsoft and Novell network operating systems.

The growing promise of the Internet provided another area in IT to pursue.  We became an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in February of 1997 and began transitioning many of our existing clients over to a range of ISP hosting and access services. We built a robust infrastructure comprised of technologies from industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft.  By diligently troubleshooting our clients’ Internet access issues, we learned exactly how the Internet works and how to cost-effectively manage our clients' access to the world.

By 1998 we began designing, servicing, and supporting web hosting solutions.  In late 1999, the opportunity to develop a custom intranet application with a back-end database presented itself.  We landed a contract to design and implement an online order entry system for a spin-off of the renowned Princeton, NJ based think tank Sarnoff Corporation.  This web application proved to be a breakthrough project for our future.  Since then we have developed numerous data-driven web applications, all of which provide cutting edge solutions to the complex needs of all types of clients: commercial, education, and government.  We have also expanded our efforts to creating look and feel via custom web design services.

Computer Solutions has come a long way from a family-run typewriter maintenance business based out of our owner’s house back in 1978.  Today the company still maintains the same family core and values, now in a 3000 square foot professional facility on Alexander Road in Princeton, NJ.  This growth combined with a knowledgeable, determined, and courteous staff, has enabled us to succeed in more technologically advanced endeavors.  As a result, our mission has become to provide cutting edge yet cost-effective solutions to customers with high-end needs.  Contact us today to evaluate your company’s needs so that we may illustrate the solutions that we can provide.